2018 Mulch Madness!!

2018 Mulch Madness!!!

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Order-by Dates:

Bagged Mulch - Ordering is Closed

Bulk Mulch -  Can be ordered until June 30, 2018

Delivery Dates:

Bagged Mulch - May 12th

Bulk Mulch - 3 or 4 days after ordering 

All orders delivered to driveways only!

(Sorry, no backyards)

Deliveries limited to Reading, MA only.

Mulch Coverage Estimator

  • 1yd @ 1" depth covers  324 sqft
  • 1yd @ 2" depth covers  162 sqft
  • 1yd @ 3" depth covers  108 sqft
  • 1yd @ 4" depth covers  81 sqft
  • 1yd @ 5" depth covers  64 sqft
  • 1yd @ 6" depth covers  54 sqft

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    BULK MULCH (2-4 Yards)
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    Red Hemlock Blend

    Black Forest

    Dark Pine

    Playground Chips

    BULK MULCH (5+ Yards)

    Red Hemlock Blend


    Black Forest

    Dark Pine

    Playground Chips

    Minimum Order: 10 Bags


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